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“When women come together to use their voices, the world has no choice but to respond” –Yuwei Lee

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The UN Women story below captures why empowering women is so important to me.  Our cooperation with the UN Trust Fund addresses the critically important issue of violence against women.  I appreciate how your support of Yuwei Designs supports this cause.  

Date : 24 August 2015

Yuwei Lee is a US-based jewellery designer and founder of Yuwei Designs. In 2014, Yuwei Designs launched an exclusive range of jewellery to promote and support the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) and initiatives to prevent and end violence against women and girls. An active advocate, Yuwei Lee has sought to engage the fashion world on the issue and she hopes people will use Yuwei Designs to connect with the goals of ensuring respect for women and promoting the life chances of women and girls around the world. Here, Yuwei Lee shares her story, talks about what motivated her to work with the UN Trust Fund and shares the inspiration behind her designs.  

READ FULL STORY:  http://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2015/8/in-the-words-of-yuwei-lee

SHOP AND DONATE NOW:  OpportUNity Initiative exclusive designs (pictured below), 100% net proceeds benefit the UN Trust Fund   http://yuweidesigns.com/opportunity/


People StyleWatch Charity & 30% Online Discount Shopping Promo

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People StyleWatch Magazine (May 2015)

We love shopping and we certainly LOVE LOVE LOVE guilt-free shopping!  Help support ending violence against women with the purchase of this Yuwei Designs ring featured in People StyleWatch Magazine (May 2015).  

From April 17th through May 15th, 50% of the proceeds from this ring benefit The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.  

And for a 30% People StyleWatch Promo Discount be sure to use the online checkout code "peoplecharity" to shop site-wide!

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Seeing some of my designs in Vogue's March 2015 issue ranks pretty high on my list of most exciting moments. Thank you Vogue! 

Vogue March 2015 Issue, (Left) Lily James wearing the Pointed Teardrop Ring. (Right) Lily James wearing the Black Onyx Oval Ring.