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Proper guidelines are in place to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Proper guidelines are in place to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has been embedded in the way we do business, since our company was founded. This effort guides many of the decisions we make on a local and global scale. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and expect our business partners and vendors to do the same.

We’re focused on efforts that support the following:

Strong, healthy, safe communities

In order to build the strong, healthy and safe communities we want for our employees and customers, we work closely with partners and organizations. These efforts serve as our road map in the years to come.

Responsible sourcing

We partner with vendors and communities to achieve outstanding quality for Yuwei-brand products. Our mission is to ensure that our vendors operate efficient, safe and ethical environments where they can produce reliable products of the highest quality.


From the way we design and build our products, environmental sustainability is integrated throughout our business. We join our employees, customers and partners in making environmental commitments we all can keep. 

Third world economic development

Since social, economic and environmental issues are all interconnected, we believe that an integrated, concerted, worldwide effort—from governments, citizens, industries, businesses, academia, and nongovernmental organizations—is the most beneficial and effective solution to achieve sustainability, create jobs and combat poverty.