Yuwei Designs

Caring for your jewelry


To prolong your jewelry's shine:

Store it in a velvet lined jewelry box or pouch, or wrap it in a soft material to prevent scratches. Use a soft cotton cloth and wipe gently to remove perfumes, lotions, dust, dirt, perspiration, and air pollutants which can reduce appearance. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, washing hands, and bathing/showering. 

Maintaining Your Investment:

Yuwei provides a way to keep your jewelry looking its best. 

Within one (1) year from the date of purchase, items with normal wear and tear can be sent directly to Yuwei Designs to be refurbished at no cost.  All you pay is the shipping. A copy of the original purchase receipt or gift receipt is required to show proof of purchase date.      

After one (1) year, or any time when there is damage beyond normal wear and tear, items can be sent directly to Yuwei Designs to be repaired. Customers are responsible for repair costs and shipping. 

Repairs can take 4 to 6 weeks. Please email info@yuweidesigns.com to obtain program details, discuss estimates and shipping instructions.